T-Vice Upgraded To Gwo-Vice

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – In a research note released on Thursday, Louverture Research Associates upgraded popular Haitian band T-Vice to Gwo-Vice.

Local Man With Itchy Palm Expecting To Come Into A Lot Of Money

MIAMI, FL – Noting that his hand has been itching for most of the day, local man Elie Beauvoir announced to family and friends that he will receive a large, lump sum of money in the near future.

Authorities Still Searching For Conscience Of Dominican Judges

WEST INDIES – Refusing to give up, authorities confirmed on Monday that they are still trying to locate the conscience of 11 Dominican judges, more than two months after it reportedly went missing.

Haitian Players Instructed To Go Easy On Spain National Soccer Team

MIAMI, FL – Less than a week before the much-anticipated international friendly at Sun Life Stadium, members of the Haitian national soccer team revealed that they were directed to take it easy on the Spanish national squad.

Lavalas Supporters Demand More Martelly-Lamothe Posters To Tear Down

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Citing a rapid depletion of Martelly and Lamothe posters in Port-au-Prince, scores of angry Lavalas supporters gathered outside the National Palace calling on the administration to "immediately" provide them with more posters of Martelly and Lamothe to tear down.

Throngs Of Supporters Inspire Aristide To Run Again For President And Be Overthrown In A Coup D’État

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – More than nine years after being away from politics, former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide told hordes of adoring supporters, who poured onto the streets yesterday to greet him, that they have inspired him to regain the office of president and be overthrown in a coup d'état shortly thereafter.